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About Bosawas and Indio Maiz

Biosphere Reserve

The Bosawas Biosphere Reserve is located in both the autonomous north of Nicaragua and in the northern part of state Jinotega, the border of Honduras. About 15% of the nation's total land area making it the second largest rainforest in the western hemisphere, after the Amazon in Brazil. Moreover, Bosawas is largely unexplored and is extremely rich in biodiversity.


Indio Maiz Biological Reserve is located on the southeastern corner of Nicaragua, bordering the autonomous Rama-Kriol region. Also, Indio Maiz is rich in biodiversity, holding a high number in species, birds, and insects than all of Europe, but in recent years, a growing timber and oil palm industry that led an increasing rate of deforestation along the northern and western areas of Indio Maiz Rainforest. 


Our goal is to introduce reforestation projects back into the Bosawas Reserve and Indio Maiz Rainforest to protect wildlife and ecosystems for the future generations that will come.


  Our vision is to fix the percentage of the Bosawas Reserve that has been affected by clearings and conversions for agricultural use for the last three decades.


Our mission is to improve the environmental quality of the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve and Indio Maiz Rainforest by proving a cleaner and safer method for the 21 ecosystems, also a multitude of species, several of which are vulnerable of extinction

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