Lydia Peters

Executive Director/Founder

Lydia Peters is the Founder and Executive Director of The Indigenous Miskitu Circle Corp. and is Indigenous Miskitu. Originally born on the east coast of Nicaragua, and raised by her grandmother in Indigenous culture, she has a connection with nature and soon realized the special calling in her life to make a positive change in the world. Her real experience came as a mother. Her passion to help children, and the future generation to come, empowering the indigenous people , and to strengthen Indigenous cultures. This is the driving force of why she formed this Foundation. “I was raised to respect mother earth, land, the trees, and each other. That is our community culture. Our organization focuses on health, education, social and the environment because that is the way to help people.”

Kimberly Papa


Raised by two native New Yorkers, descendants of immigrants living in the diaspora with ancestral ties to the Indigenous Miskitu, Kim has always been called to uplift acts of justice, compassion, and dignity. 


Kimberly graduated from Columbia University’s department of Applied Linguistics, with a Masters in TESOL, and an undergraduate from CUNY’s Hunter College in global history. Currently teaching English as a New Language and English Language Arts at a public transfer high school in Manhattan, her commitment to facilitating discussion around social issues, self-reflection, and literature invites the next generation to reach inward to find within themselves the knowledge of self and world that come equipped in our DNA. 


Having embraced ancestral and generational healing practices, re-membered and re-learned through the generosity of her teachers and elders of indigenous groups across Turtle Island, the Americas, and the Pacific, Kimberly works to ensure that native languages, culture, and wisdom continue beyond our present. An activist, artist, and healer, she hopes to see land stewardship returned to the native indigenous to herald in a renewed era of ancient integrity and relation to our land and all communities who share her.  

Smaya Arana

We are excited and privileged to have Smaya joining us as our Fundraising Coordinator. Please come back soon for an updated biography!

Fundraising Coordinator

Montserrat Carracedo-Olaechea

Hi! I am Peruvian-American, 24 years old, and I studied Political Science and English Literature at the Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. I love to help Pachamama (Mother Earth) in any way that I can, and also enjoy creating change for my communities. I am excited to grow with the Corp., and look forward to working with our sponsors and community partners to see how far the project will go. Email me with any and all questions at:

Yesenia Guadalupe

Yesenia Guadalupe (she/her) is a first-generation Nicaraguan-American from Chinandega, Nicaragua born and raised in Miami, FL. She is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, and educator exploring themes of collective liberation, healing through story-telling, and the intersectionality of being a fat, queer, person of color in her works. You can connect with her via and across all social media platforms @myxxfly.

Social Media Manager