Our goal is to develop a sustainable community for the Indigenous region for them to have a bright future


Our vision is to see the Indigenous community prosper by spreading their leadership skills and culture, teach their native language and true identity, and lead their Indigenous people with their ancestral history to build their old city into the 21st century.


Our mission is to introduce recreational projects to the indigenous community like for instance: building parks, public libraries, and community centers, create museums and galleries about the Indigenous history; establish upgraded infrastructures from urban cities to historical rural areas. This will provide an enhanced social way of living for the Indigenous population. Additionally, we want to provide non-GMO products and foods, accommodate improved transit systems, include community centers and learning centers. Try to implement a better educational system and rebuild back the culture in Nicaragua, moreover, combining all these social benefits by adding tourist attractions to bring in revenue for the Indigenous community.

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this family has to live in this small plastic hut where they suffer the ravages of winter and the intensity of the sun