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In Nicaragua, at the start of the 21st century, about four-fifths of the population are literate, one-fifth of Nicaraguans have formal schooling, and only a small percentage of the population have a university degree. The educational system is combined with student and teacher poverty that have resulted in poor education in Nicaragua. UNICEF estimates that only 55 percentage of children complete primary school and enter into secondary school.  


Our goal is to improve the indigenous population that is literate by amplifying the percentage of their students that needs improvement in literacy, furthermore to help students successfully reach from primary-secondary to university level education to better their future


Our vision is to have the indigenous students up to date with 21st century academic standards and educational programs, and to implement a greater and safer learning environment.


Our mission is to build up the educational system by providing school supplies, remodeling schools, introduce amazing opportunities like student and teacher exchange, volunteer and internship programs.

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